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W nowym patchu ItemV2 HW experimental pojawił się przede wszystkim wskaźnik aktualnej temperatury oddziałującej na naszą postać, a także dużo nowych przedmiotów.


Pełna lista zmian:

  • Players now have a safe temperature range within which their internal temperature will return to or stay at the baseline
  • When players are in an area outside their safe tewmperature range their internal temperature will change in proportion to how far outside the safe range they are
  • Safe temperature range starts at 10-25 degrees
  • Cold/Heat protection no longer dampens internal temperature changes directly but instead now increases the low/high temperature limits respectively
  • Nutrition no longer affects internal temperature directly, instead a 'well fed' buff is given when at 75% nutrition or above that gives +12 cold and heat protection
  • Cooked steaks now add a 'nutritious meal' buff for 5 minutes giving +12 cold and heat protection (this stacks with the well fed buff)
  • Added a thermometer UI to the side of the minimap window, this shows your current temperature limits and the current temperature at the players location
  • Temperatures are now consistent throughout daytime/nighttime with a very short transition between the two (this has changed from constantly blending between two extremes making the temperature constantly change and the cold/heat bar timers to always be incorrect)
  • Cold biomes are now cold during the day (not as cold as night but protection is still needed) and hot biomes are warm during the night
  • Increased several spawn rates in Sand Dunes
  • Added yeti variants to Red Desert
  • Shigis and yetis in Red Desert now drop strong animal pelt
  • Ultranium is now a sidegrade to Mondinium rather than an upgrade and has been made minable by the Titranium pickaxe
  • Increased Ultranium spawns in Red Desert and increased Mondinium spawns in Snow
  • Introduced a river of death on the Forest/Sand Dunes border, falling in instantly kills however the land bridge only applies radiation and can be crossed quickly
  • Added visual override slots to the character window, items equipped in these slots will replace the visuals of the item equipped in the equivalent base slot
  • Added rare statless items to town event loot, airdrops and rare creature spawns. These are designed to be used in the visual override slots
  • Gear items are now permanently amber protected
  • Beretta 9mm has new visuals and attachments
  • Beretta 9mm amber protection cost reduced (12 -> 7)
  • Added many new fragments and rebalanced fragment tier assignments, point costs and stat values
  • Fragment drop rates increased
  • Adjusted Bor hitboxes so they are slightly easier to headshot
  • Removed large no build area around ownership stakes that was previously used to reserve spawn space
  • Campfires can no be placed in no build areas
  • Extended no build and out of bounds to cover the entire wasteland area of the Mangatang
  • Removed ground flint and ground log spawns from all biomes except the start desert
  • Reduced blast furnace shaped iron cost (50 -> 30)
  • Increased rare creature spawns
  • Changed rare creature colors to be more obvious at a distance
  • Increased meteor shower spawns and decreased yield
  • Reduced iron tipped spear shaped iron cost (20 -> 10)
  • Iron workbench changed into Titranium workbench
  • Increased improvised bow pvp damage (20 -> 25)
  • Gasoline is now crafted individually (was 5 at a time)
  • Reduced storage locker shaped iron cost (40 -> 20)
  • Disabled torch sounds
  • Reduced Bor and Tokar spawn density around sand dunes landmarks
  • Translations have been improved
  • Fixed campfire temperature UI
  • Fixed biome particle effects not playing
  • Fix for Ultranium resource node's effect zone border stopping projectiles
  • Fixed binary effect tooltip timer
  • Fixed missing no build zones around town events
  • Fixed emission map not showing on tokar
  • Fixed Chemsuit mask removing players hair
  • Fixed Ultranium rich resource nodes appearing as standard resource nodes (rich nodes are spawned from meteor strikes)


Hurtworld nosteam ItemV2 Experimental Patch HW nonsteam

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Ukazał się Hotfix ItemV2.

Wprowadzone zostały poprawki:

  • Inventory getting bugged and showing blank items
  • Creatures not dropping loot / loot invisible
  • Players looking naked despite having gear
  • Players shooting you with bare hands (weapons not showing)

Hurtworld nonsteam za darmo ItemV2 HW nosteam v2

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Ukazał się kolejny fix do wersji experymantalnej ItemV2


Lista zmian:

  • Interactions are no longer blocked by ragdolls (can now loot items through a creatures/players corpse)
  • The vehicle crash system has been made more robust by the addition of extra spawn safety checks before initiating the crash, if these fail the player will be
  • killed instead
  • Fixed shack map markers not being loaded properly on server restart
  • Updated rare creature colours
  • Beds can now be rotated during placement
  • Added 2 extra storage slots to the camping backpack
  • Improved pistol ironsight icon poses
  • Ironsight attachments now use the hardcase for their world item representation
  • Massively improved network performance when syncing binary effects to proxies
  • Added several safety checks and additional debug data into item serialization
  • Fixed stat modifiers not displaying on several items tooltips
  • Fixed error related to ammo storage on player disconnection
  • Item masks no longer destroy themselves on client when applied
  • Fixed a sync issue with non-standard world items
  • Fixed an issue with how stat effects were being bound to projectiles
  • Updated Unity to 5.6.6f2 (SDK users, please update Unity to 5.6.6f2)

Hurtworld Download NoSteam HW za darmo nonsteam

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    • By !Dark!
      Hurtworld NoSteam z EAC
      Poradnik został podzielony na dwie główne części: Instalcja EAC i Uruchomienie gry Hurtworld. Na początku należy pobrać kompletną paczkę z naszym klientem gry Hurtworld. W tym celu wchodzimy na stronę http://hw69.pl/download i pobieramy najnowszą wersję klienta. Na dzień dzisiejszy jest to wersja z EAC.

      Instalacja EasyAntiCheat (EAC)
      1. Pobranego klienta gry wypakowujemy w dowolnym miejscu, np w swoim katalogu z grami.

      2. Przechodzimy do katalogu z wypakowanym klientem. Następnie wchodzimy w katalog z EasyAntiCheat i uruchamiamy aplikację EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe

      3. W uruchomionym EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe wybieramy następujące opcje:
      Install Hurtworld Po czym klikamy dwa razy Next.

      4. Jeśli wszystko pójdzie pomyślnie będziemy mieli już zainstalowany EAC.

      Uruchomienie gry
      1. Przechodzimy do katalogu z wypakowanym klientem gry.

      2. Uruchamiamy grę klikając dwukrotnie w plik Hurtworld.exe (nie HurtworldClient.exe)

      3. Wciskamy klawisz F1 i wpisujemy komendę z IP serwera w formacie "connect s1.hw69.pl" i wciskamy enter.

      4. Następuje łączenie się z serwerem Hurtworld. W tym czasie możemy schować konsolę wciskając ponownie F1.
      Konsola przydaje się czasami podczas gry. Wpisując odpowiednie komendy możemy np:
      zabić swoją postać wpisując kill uruchomić debug mode (aby np zobaczyć swoje FPS) wpisując debug 1  
      ☢️  Jeśli nadal jest coś nie jasne zapoznaj się z działem: https://forum.hw69.pl/pytania-problemy-propozycje-f6/ Napisz tam nowy temat opisując bardzo dokładnie problem jeśli oczekujesz oczywiście szybkiej pomocy. W tym temacie nie pomagamy.
    • By !Dark!
      Ukazał się dzisiaj nowy patch wersji eksperymentalnej Hurtworld ItemV2.
      Lista wprowadzonych zmian:
      Added Mining Bow Added amber protection information to item tooltips Vehicles now cost amber to claim The driver of a vehicle now receives an alert if the self destruct timer is activated Added bow redraw speed stat to improve bow reload times Added bow redraw fragments Vehicle wheels now apply their force at a height equal to center of mass, this reduces the effect tire forces have on vehicle orientation Improved vehicle handbrake so vehicles slide more like the legacy implementation, the new wheel force application point also fixes handbrake pulling the Kanga's front wheel up Removed most of vehicle weight's influence over vehicle handling, vehicles are now more consistent between different attachment configurations Removed vehicle top speed stat, a vehicles top speed is now defined by the point where engine power is matched by vehicle drag Buffed AWP pvp damage (50 -> 70) Buffed Iron Axe pvp damage (25 -> 35) Fixed a bug where a passenger exiting a vehicle would always cause it to power off (now vehicle only powers off when empty) Fixed an issue where Kangas could get stuck after returning upright due to the driver seat being blocked Fixed an issue where a vehicles normalized top speed was not being calculated correctly causing vehicle control systems to be applied at the wrong strength (also fixes vehicle gearboxes never shifting out of 1st gear) Fixed footstep audio playing after entering a vehicle sprinting in 3rd person view Vehicle airdrops have been made 100% accurate Fixed an issue where bows were not being affected by inaccuracy calculations, bows are now less accurate while running and while airborne Improved handling of player name validation Fixed a bug where melee attacks were not being denied properly when being blocked by level or base geometry Improved FPS Sight offsets with Eureka scopes (Camera approaches lens when sighting in) Made item context menus more robust Fixed Roach and Kanga engines appearing black Fixed an issue where vehicle health could fail to sync in vehicle UI [SDK] Vehicle gearboxes now have user defined gear ratios in ItemComponentVehicleGearbox [SDK] Fixed bugs with AdditiveMaskSupport, these assets should now work correctly [SDK] Fixed bug where IconBuilder's Update Lighting Snapshot button didn't work  

      Nowy klient gry Hurtworld ItemV2 w dziale download (zakładka u góry strony).
    • By !Dark!
      Ukazał się dzisiaj hotfix ItemV2 Wprowadza on drobne poprawki i usprawnienia elementów montowanych na pojazdy.
      Pełny opis wprowadzonych zmian:
      Fixed an issue where vehicle chassis were failing to pass their assigned mask onto the other vehicle attachments Fixed an issue with spawn mutators trying to incorrectly create items when loading from a saved game  

      Klient no steam gotowy jest już do pobrania, serwery wraz z pluginami są już przygotowywane. Download wersja Itemv2 nosteam.
    • By !Dark!
      Właśnie przed chwilą ukazała się kolejna łatka wersji eksperymentalnej Hurtworld ItemV2. Wnosi ona między innymi klika poważnych zmian w pojazdach, pojawił się także dodatkowy event.
      Lista zmian w patchu
      Default map changed to Diemensland Added new loot frenzy town event type Vehicle panels are permanently attached to chassis once again Vehicle wheels no longer take damage separately, they cannot be destroyed and pass on damage to the vehicle instead Players can now claim a vehicle of each type (goat, kanga, roach) Fixed a long standing bug that would cause Kanga to not turn after being picked up off the ground for a few seconds. Vehicle beacons now respawn a dead claimed vehicle, they cannot be placed if you don't own a vehicle of that type or it isn't destroyed Players can self destruct vehicles they own, this timer can be started from the character options window The goat spawn beacon will auto-claim the dropped goat if the player does not currently own a goat Vehicle disassembly wrench added to vehicle crafter Added vehicle engine unstable upgrade extender, this fragment costs nothing to apply and has a 50% chance of adding an extra upgrade point, if this fails the engine is destroyed instead Removable vehicle parts can now be dismantled into scrap Added vehicle protection and fuel efficiency fragments Vehicle window now displays the vehicle destroy timer, if the vehicle is unowned the player is shown a button to reset this timer Vehicle window now displays the chassis item so it can be recolored and masks can be applied Added tooltip for mask storage to show what mask is applied to an item Vehicle panels are now customisable (colorable) and are colored separately Vehicle air drop accuracy massively increased Recurve and fibreglass recurve bows can now be recolored Updated vehicle air drop beacon graphics Roach and kanga chassis spawn in the world, these vehicles have to be collected once again and can no longer be purchased (goat is still available for purchase) Vehicle gearbox stats have been pushed into engines and there is now just one type of gearbox per vehicle Removed random customisation for AR15s and AWMs, these items will now always start with their default look Removed random customisation for vehicles, vehicles will start out with a default look Increased effect of traction stat + baseline traction increased for all vehicles The kanga and goat are now more forgiving and harder to crash.  

      Najnowszą wersję klienta gry Hurtworld ItemV2 można już pobrać na naszej stronie w zakładce download u góry strony.
    • By !Dark!
      Ukazał się kolejne Hotfix do najnowszej wersji /HW ItemV2 opatrzone wersjami: i Wnoszą drobne poprawki menu kontekstowego przedmiotów w innych językach i kilka drobnych ulepszeń. Nowy klient gry dostępny jest w dziale download Hw itemv2.
      Pełna lista zmian:
      Players spawning from sleepers now perform a quick check for overlapping Deployables (eg. C4), if any are found the player will be killed Improved physics simulation performance by reducing unnecessary collisions Fixed item context menu for non-english languages Frozen steaks apply a frozen effect once again Added tooltip information for consumable items Zmiany w aktualizacji
      Reduced freezing/hypothermia damage from frozen steaks (20 damage per second -> 4 damage per 3 seconds) Rolled back physics changes to fix client side ladder prediction Increased nutrition on frozen cooked steak (5 -> 20) Reduced nutrition on frozen raw steak (10 -> 5)  

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Hurtworld to gra, która została zrealizowana w nieco kreskówkowej oprawie graficznej. Zbiera skrajnie pozytywne oceny graczy od początku uruchomienia wczesnego dostępu. Poza nieco kreskówką grafiką świat Hurtworld jest śmiertelnie poważny. To gra, która lubi karać graczy za błędy i pomyłki, zwłaszcza tych, którzy lubują się w zabijaniu bezbronych. Trzonem rozgrywki pozostaje oczywiście walka o przetrwanie - musimy nie tylko uważać na drapieżniki i innych graczy, ale przede wszystkim dbać o podstawowe potrzeby naszej postaci.

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