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Hurtworld ItemV2 Experimental Patch

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Ukazał się kolejne Hotfix do najnowszej wersji /HW ItemV2 opatrzone wersjami: i Wnoszą drobne poprawki menu kontekstowego przedmiotów w innych językach i kilka drobnych ulepszeń. Nowy klient gry dostępny jest w dziale download Hw itemv2.


Pełna lista zmian:

  • Players spawning from sleepers now perform a quick check for overlapping
  • Deployables (eg. C4), if any are found the player will be killed
  • Improved physics simulation performance by reducing unnecessary collisions
  • Fixed item context menu for non-english languages
  • Frozen steaks apply a frozen effect once again
  • Added tooltip information for consumable items

Zmiany w aktualizacji

  • Reduced freezing/hypothermia damage from frozen steaks (20 damage per second -> 4 damage per 3 seconds)
  • Rolled back physics changes to fix client side ladder prediction
  • Increased nutrition on frozen cooked steak (5 -> 20)
  • Reduced nutrition on frozen raw steak (10 -> 5)


Hurtworld nonsteam download ItemV2 Experimental Patch nosteam HW

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    • By !Dark!
      Ukazała się kolejna aktualizacja Hurtworld itemv2.
      Pełna lista zmian w patchu
      Added weather events to all biomes, these will affect temperature levels and player visibility The starting beach area has a new tropical look and feel Progression of gear has been rebalanced removing some items and combining others, crafting costs and protection levels have also been tweaked Titranium Workbench Amber cost reduced (40 -> 20) Titranium Workbench Shaped Titranium cost increased (20 -> 150) Hurtworld now defaults to not allowing network messages from unconnected clients (should reduce vulnerability to DDoS attacks) Added console commands 'setallowunconnected <0/1>' and 'dumpallowunconnected' for setting and checking whether network messages will be accepted from unconnected clients Fixed the hitbox / hit registration issue introduced in (hit registration will be consistant again) Fixed incorrect rarity on mega mine power and chop power fragments (rare -> legendary) Added Jacket and Bomber Jacket as new vanity items Added Machine Wrench to Titranium Workbench recipes Reduced toxin build up rate from Mondinium resource nodes Added line of sight checks to resource nodes so they should no longer despawn in front of a player Fixed incorrect material assignment on Titranium Workbench (wood -> metal) Fixed Heatproof Mining Drill returning Coldproof Mining Drill when disassembled Heatproof Mining Drill can now only be placed in the Red Desert  

    • By !Dark!
      Najnowszy aktualizacja Hurtworld Itemv2 patch przyniosła nam poprawienie błędu, który powodował, że przedmioty mogły zapadać się pod ziemię.
      Pełna lista w prowadzonych zmian w patchu
      Fixed a bug in the item display data manager that could cause it to crash and never recover (Fixes items failing to render and world items falling through ground) Improved physics performance (server and client) Fixed several console commands throwing errors when invoked during server start up Improved how steam ID sessions are recorded, should help "Active session with same SteamID" issue Fixed an issue where players could get into a loop where they would constantly request data about an item that doesn't exist from the server Added the console command 'itempingenabled <value>' for servers to control whether players can link items to chat Fixed an issue causing featured servers not to appear in the server browser as featured
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      Ukazał się dzisiaj nowy patch wersji eksperymentalnej Hurtworld ItemV2.
      Lista wprowadzonych zmian:
      Added Mining Bow Added amber protection information to item tooltips Vehicles now cost amber to claim The driver of a vehicle now receives an alert if the self destruct timer is activated Added bow redraw speed stat to improve bow reload times Added bow redraw fragments Vehicle wheels now apply their force at a height equal to center of mass, this reduces the effect tire forces have on vehicle orientation Improved vehicle handbrake so vehicles slide more like the legacy implementation, the new wheel force application point also fixes handbrake pulling the Kanga's front wheel up Removed most of vehicle weight's influence over vehicle handling, vehicles are now more consistent between different attachment configurations Removed vehicle top speed stat, a vehicles top speed is now defined by the point where engine power is matched by vehicle drag Buffed AWP pvp damage (50 -> 70) Buffed Iron Axe pvp damage (25 -> 35) Fixed a bug where a passenger exiting a vehicle would always cause it to power off (now vehicle only powers off when empty) Fixed an issue where Kangas could get stuck after returning upright due to the driver seat being blocked Fixed an issue where a vehicles normalized top speed was not being calculated correctly causing vehicle control systems to be applied at the wrong strength (also fixes vehicle gearboxes never shifting out of 1st gear) Fixed footstep audio playing after entering a vehicle sprinting in 3rd person view Vehicle airdrops have been made 100% accurate Fixed an issue where bows were not being affected by inaccuracy calculations, bows are now less accurate while running and while airborne Improved handling of player name validation Fixed a bug where melee attacks were not being denied properly when being blocked by level or base geometry Improved FPS Sight offsets with Eureka scopes (Camera approaches lens when sighting in) Made item context menus more robust Fixed Roach and Kanga engines appearing black Fixed an issue where vehicle health could fail to sync in vehicle UI [SDK] Vehicle gearboxes now have user defined gear ratios in ItemComponentVehicleGearbox [SDK] Fixed bugs with AdditiveMaskSupport, these assets should now work correctly [SDK] Fixed bug where IconBuilder's Update Lighting Snapshot button didn't work  

      Nowy klient gry Hurtworld ItemV2 w dziale download (zakładka u góry strony).
    • By !Dark!
      Ukazał się dzisiaj hotfix ItemV2 Wprowadza on drobne poprawki i usprawnienia elementów montowanych na pojazdy.
      Pełny opis wprowadzonych zmian:
      Fixed an issue where vehicle chassis were failing to pass their assigned mask onto the other vehicle attachments Fixed an issue with spawn mutators trying to incorrectly create items when loading from a saved game  

      Klient no steam gotowy jest już do pobrania, serwery wraz z pluginami są już przygotowywane. Download wersja Itemv2 nosteam.
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