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    • Przez !Dark!
      Ukazał się dzisiaj hotfix ItemV2 Wprowadza on drobne poprawki i usprawnienia elementów montowanych na pojazdy.
      Pełny opis wprowadzonych zmian:
      Fixed an issue where vehicle chassis were failing to pass their assigned mask onto the other vehicle attachments Fixed an issue with spawn mutators trying to incorrectly create items when loading from a saved game  

      Klient no steam gotowy jest już do pobrania, serwery wraz z pluginami są już przygotowywane. Download wersja Itemv2 nosteam.
    • Przez !Dark!
      W nowym patchu ItemV2 HW experimental pojawił się przede wszystkim wskaźnik aktualnej temperatury oddziałującej na naszą postać, a także dużo nowych przedmiotów.
      Pełna lista zmian:
      Players now have a safe temperature range within which their internal temperature will return to or stay at the baseline When players are in an area outside their safe tewmperature range their internal temperature will change in proportion to how far outside the safe range they are Safe temperature range starts at 10-25 degrees Cold/Heat protection no longer dampens internal temperature changes directly but instead now increases the low/high temperature limits respectively Nutrition no longer affects internal temperature directly, instead a 'well fed' buff is given when at 75% nutrition or above that gives +12 cold and heat protection Cooked steaks now add a 'nutritious meal' buff for 5 minutes giving +12 cold and heat protection (this stacks with the well fed buff) Added a thermometer UI to the side of the minimap window, this shows your current temperature limits and the current temperature at the players location Temperatures are now consistent throughout daytime/nighttime with a very short transition between the two (this has changed from constantly blending between two extremes making the temperature constantly change and the cold/heat bar timers to always be incorrect) Cold biomes are now cold during the day (not as cold as night but protection is still needed) and hot biomes are warm during the night Increased several spawn rates in Sand Dunes Added yeti variants to Red Desert Shigis and yetis in Red Desert now drop strong animal pelt Ultranium is now a sidegrade to Mondinium rather than an upgrade and has been made minable by the Titranium pickaxe Increased Ultranium spawns in Red Desert and increased Mondinium spawns in Snow Introduced a river of death on the Forest/Sand Dunes border, falling in instantly kills however the land bridge only applies radiation and can be crossed quickly Added visual override slots to the character window, items equipped in these slots will replace the visuals of the item equipped in the equivalent base slot Added rare statless items to town event loot, airdrops and rare creature spawns. These are designed to be used in the visual override slots Gear items are now permanently amber protected Beretta 9mm has new visuals and attachments Beretta 9mm amber protection cost reduced (12 -> 7) Added many new fragments and rebalanced fragment tier assignments, point costs and stat values Fragment drop rates increased Adjusted Bor hitboxes so they are slightly easier to headshot Removed large no build area around ownership stakes that was previously used to reserve spawn space Campfires can no be placed in no build areas Extended no build and out of bounds to cover the entire wasteland area of the Mangatang Removed ground flint and ground log spawns from all biomes except the start desert Reduced blast furnace shaped iron cost (50 -> 30) Increased rare creature spawns Changed rare creature colors to be more obvious at a distance Increased meteor shower spawns and decreased yield Reduced iron tipped spear shaped iron cost (20 -> 10) Iron workbench changed into Titranium workbench Increased improvised bow pvp damage (20 -> 25) Gasoline is now crafted individually (was 5 at a time) Reduced storage locker shaped iron cost (40 -> 20) Disabled torch sounds Reduced Bor and Tokar spawn density around sand dunes landmarks Translations have been improved Fixed campfire temperature UI Fixed biome particle effects not playing Fix for Ultranium resource node's effect zone border stopping projectiles Fixed binary effect tooltip timer Fixed missing no build zones around town events Fixed emission map not showing on tokar Fixed Chemsuit mask removing players hair Fixed Ultranium rich resource nodes appearing as standard resource nodes (rich nodes are spawned from meteor strikes)  

    • Przez !Dark!
      Ukazała się właśnie kolejna aktualizacja wersji eksperymentalnej Hurtworld ItemV2 patch
      Pełna lista zmian:
      Added player connection queue for full servers Reserved slots can be added with the addreserved console command similar to addadmin Several serverside optimizations Optimized structure downloads Many new gear items added Balance tweaks to several gear items Changed several gear crafting recipes so they work as upgrades transferring the installed fragments from the upgraded item into the new one Removed pushing force from primary attack on spear, added secondary attack that only applies push force Fragments have been categorized into 3 rarity tiers (uncommon, rare, legendary) Fragments can now be recycled into fragment dust through the right click context menu Fragment cases can be crafted from the wood workbench that give a random fragment from the appropriate tier when opened Reduced steepness of many hills Added no build areas to player spawn points that were missing them Changed how rare creature spawns are calculated to give a more consistent spawn rate Rare creature health increased Rare Gavkus no longer run away Fixed incorrect effect zone positions on Ultranium and Mondinium resource nodes Player animators are now properly culled when off screen [SDK] Fixed inspector issues with EntityBinaryEffect and EffectZoneBuilder [SDK] Base content general clean up  

    • Przez !Dark!
      Ukazał się przed chwilą nowy patch Hurtworld ItemV2 naprawiający problem ze znikającymi ścianami.
      Pełna lista zmian:
      Changed the way rare creatures are spawned to be more consistant Fixed entity overflow on initial connection to a busy server Fixed massive server lag spike whenever a player connects Increased enforcement for server simulated projectiles to deny hits for clients when their structures bug out Rebalanced armor and size coefficient values for small doorways Added failsafe for meteors and airdrops to not leak if something goes wrong Fixed memory leak on binary effects  

      Nowy klient Hurtworld nosteam itemv2 do pobrania w naszym dziale download.
    • Przez !Dark!
      Kolejny patch klienta ItemV2, który zmienia system ulepszania przedmiotów i respawn postaci, który im szybszy tym będzie zużywał więcej bursztynów.
      Pełna lista zmian:
      Introduced new machine "Bed" which now acts as your spawn point instead of ownership stake. Respawning at a bed will cause all beds you own to be on cooldown for 3 mins. If you want to spawn at your bed before that time you can buy back with amber placed inside the bed. Spawning at noob beach is always available. Crafting times have been removed, crafting is now instant and stackable items can craft multiple times at once Items can now receive upgrades from consumable 'fragment' items until an item's upgrade points are all spent When an item with fragments, name overrides or amber protection is used as a crafting material it will transfer them all to the new crafted item Item attachments are no longer consumed when placing a new attachment in an occupied slot Scope, Magazine and Tip attachments can be removed by right clicking on the item and selecting dismantle Added consumable item masks for the AWM and AR15, these will change the color pattern on the gun Added item colorer, drag one onto a customisable item to set new colors on the item. After applying the changes the item is updated and the item colorer is consumed Bloom is now active in the icon rendering system when enabled in graphics options Item links in chat will no longer appear as 'placeholder item' when the item link is the most recent message Fixed a bug where amber protected items could be destroyed during an unexpected server restart Fixed emission not being initialized properly from mesh attachments in uber shader Fixed dynamite icon not rendering properly Fixed issue where gear was not being re-equipped after applying a mutator (fragment upgrade, item renamer etc.) Fixed an issue where new vehicles from beacon drops would already be claimed Fixed a bug where Ultranium resource nodes were not applying radiation Fixed a bug where Ultranium resource nodes had the wrong collider CharacterMotorConfiguration is now published in mod asset manifests and can be replaced by workshop mods  

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Hurtworld to gra, która została zrealizowana w nieco kreskówkowej oprawie graficznej. Zbiera skrajnie pozytywne oceny graczy od początku uruchomienia wczesnego dostępu. Poza nieco kreskówką grafiką świat Hurtworld jest śmiertelnie poważny. To gra, która lubi karać graczy za błędy i pomyłki, zwłaszcza tych, którzy lubują się w zabijaniu bezbronych. Trzonem rozgrywki pozostaje oczywiście walka o przetrwanie - musimy nie tylko uważać na drapieżniki i innych graczy, ale przede wszystkim dbać o podstawowe potrzeby naszej postaci.

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